No, I’m not talking about the state of Kentucky claiming its second-straight national title last night. I didn’t watch the game. Basketball is a stupid sport.1

Rather, I’m talking about M. making it two-straight nights that a B. girl puked. She kept it in her bed, thankfully, so I won’t spend the day cleaning the carpet. I, somehow, slept through it all,2 and didn’t know until S. told me this morning. For a minute I wondered if M. was just faking it to get a day out of school, as S. said she didn’t throw up very much and like C. the night before, seemed fine shortly after. Then I checked her sheets this morning, which S. had tossed into our bathtub. I don’t think S. completely woke up last night because there was more than a little.

Which I’m sure is exactly what you want to read about this morning.

So that’s two girls in two nights. I’m thinking we should put L. to bed on top of some plastic sheets tonight, because it seems like it’s going to be her turn.

Oh yeah, one other note from yesterday. St. P’s has an attendance line where you can send an email to if your child will be absent. I sent a message for C. yesterday, but did so by memory rather than pulling up the correct address in my contacts list. It didn’t bounce back, so I assumed I guessed right.

Then at 10 I got a call from the school asking if C. was indeed supposed to be absent today. Apparently I misremembered because my email did not make it to them.

A few hours later I got an email from St. P’s high school in Atlanta, saying there was no C. B. enrolled there. Whoops! A subtle difference in domain name can lead to interesting and amusing results.

  1. I had no strong feelings either way. I’m not a huge Pitino fan, but he is a great coach. And while it was Michigan that ended KU’s season, I really like their players. So I guess I was silently leaning their way, although I spent the evening cleaning up my iPhoto library and knocking out a few more chapters in the terrific book I’m reading. 
  2. More Father Of The Year evidence.