I’m sure you’re all wondering, so here’s your daily B. Girl health update.

M. got sick in bed again last night. Fortunately, since she ate almost nothing yesterday, it was a quick clean-up. She stayed home again and has been alternately snoozing and moaning on the couch.

C. went back to school yesterday, and acted fine when she got home. But she seemed to hit a wall around dinner time and claimed a spot on the couch she barely moved from until bedtime. All seemed will this morning, though. Then we got a call from the school right after lunch saying she had deposited her lunch on the playground.

When I got to St. P’s, she was doing the sad “lying on the nurse’s couch and staring at the ceiling” thing I remember all too well from my elementary school days.

So right now M. is one one couch, C. on the other, both laying on towels with large bowls next to them. Meanwhile L. bounces around as healthy as can be and disappointed her sisters can’t enjoy this summer-like day with her.

My stomach has rumbled a few times today. I hope I’m not next, although I’m willing to take one for the team to keep L. and S. healthy.