So, it’s been a while. Stuff has happened. Good and bad. Interesting and banal. Personal and global. So let’s get caught up.

First, Boston. Ugh. I’ll just restate a terrific thing I read on Twitter Monday afternoon: never forget that there are far more people in this world like those who ran to the explosion sites to help than there are people who do things like this. That doesn’t mean if we all hold hands and think positive thoughts bad things won’t happen. But it does mean that, on balance, most of us are there for each other.

Now, less important things.

As I mentioned in my Friday Vid post that came up over the weekend, the stomach flu does indeed suck. I got it in a different way than M. and C. did, but got it nonetheless. I didn’t throw up, but there were several moments when I really wished I could. I had the aches, pains, fever, chills, severe stomach cramps, and other assorted symptoms. I chugged Pepto, popped Ibuprofen, and took my shift moaning on the same couches M. and C. had moaned on earlier in the week. It wasn’t until Monday morning when I finally felt completely normal again. Good riddance. And hopefully L. and S. remain immune and we don’t see another wave this week.

Wednesday, just as I was beginning to feel the effects of the virus, we had our first big storm of the spring. It was brief but intense and in the midst there was 3-4 minutes of hail. We still have the original roof on our home, but perhaps for not much longer. We’ve had it checked a couple times in the past, but never got approved to have it replaced. The insurance company might finally be ready to cave.

I watched more of the Master’s than I expected to, although some of it was simply because I was stuck on the couch Friday and Saturday. As much as I don’t want to be interested in Tiger anymore, I’ll admit it was hard not to get caught up in his story.

Kobe. Damn. Horrible way for one of the all-time greats to potentially end his career. I was never a big fan, but like most people in my shoes, I came to respect him immensely over the past several years. And his social media explosion this year has been fantastic. His epic trash talking battles with several of the NBA’s young pups have been terrific as well. I’ve just really enjoyed him as a person and player recently, and it’s a shame that this could be it. His career was absolutely amazing. The sports media hungered for The Next Jordan, and he damn near got there.

I don’t think there was doubt about it, but this means it is officially, 100% LeBron’s time.

Sunday we had two more soccer games. C.’s team cruised, and she nearly scored her first goal of the season. M.’s team, after looking great a week ago, got hammered pretty soundly this time. I really like her coach. I think he’s going to be good for her. I’m not sure what his playing background is, but he clearly knows the game. And he has a good touch with both the kids who have more athletic ability or who already have a feel for the game and the kids who are not as advanced yet. M. loves pleasing authority figures, so I’m hoping his encouragement and some extra practice will improve her performance. She did have one nice run of possession Sunday.

I mowed the lawn for the first time this year on Monday! Some people think mowing the lawn is a hassle. I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s the trimming and blowing of debris that bugs me, especially in the heat of July and August. But doing that first cut, getting the dead tops off, and leaving a gorgeous green lawn behind is a good feeling. It’s amazing how our yard was still half winter dead brown a week ago and now it’s thick and green.

Finally, there has been a big change in our house. Or actually Monday was step one in a two-step process that will really alter the landscape of our home soon. I’ll just give you that tease now.1 I promise I’ll share more soon.

  1. Actually many of my readers know what it is. I’m just keeping coy a little longer.