A couple new songs with a healthy dose of nostalgia this week.

“Our Little World” – County Line Road. Maybe it’s the name of the group, but I was surprised to learn this band is from England and not the US. This track has a big, mid–80s feel to it.

“Walking on a String” – Matt Berninger with Phoebe Bridgers. What better way for Berninger to introduce the world to his first solo album than to release a single that features Phoebe Bridgers? As she seems to do with everything, she takes something that is nice and elevates it to another level. Pretty heady move to sneak this in late in the year to cement her status as the most promising new artist of the decade.

“Just Another Day” – Oingo Boingo. I heard this song for the first time in ages earlier this week. That’s a surprise, given two SiriusXM stations that specialize in ‘80s music are in my presets. This song is great and deserves a lot more respect.

“Leaving Here” – Eddie Holland. Last week Pearl Jam’s cover of this popped up on Spotify. I knew The Who’s version was the reason that Eddie Vedder decided to cover it, but I thought I remembered it being recorded by someone else originally. So I jumped into the Wikipedia machine and learned that it was originally recorded in 1963 by Motown artist Eddie Holland. And it was written by the legendary Holland-Dozier-Holland trio that was responsible for some of Motown’s biggest hits. It was also the first single of Motörhead’s career in 1977, which is crazy.

“Mista Dobalina” – Del tha Funkee Homosapien. My brother-in-music E$ sent this to me last Friday just as a fun, Friday share. After watching I read the video’s description and through the comments and learned that this was not an official video, but rather a fan video. And I was thrilled to learn that it was made by a bunch of kids at the J. Everett Light career center, which is attached to North Central High School, right down the block from our house! I wonder how many of these scenes were shot somewhere near our current home. Not sure why my friends and I weren’t making our own videos to early ‘90s hip-hop songs back then, too.