Monday got away from me a little. I had some things on the agenda, but also figured I’d be able to sit down and crank out a weekend summary post or something. Then things got a little weird.

So in the interest of posting something before Monday is over, here is a quick review of my day. I know, I know: I’m breaking ground for new levels of excitement here!

First, it was a late start day at dear old CHS, so we all got to sleep in. Until S forgot about that and went barging into M’s room at 6:45 asking her why she wasn’t up yet. Good times! On late start days I take C and L to school around 7:30, return home around 7:50, and M and I try to be out the door by 8:05. That went according to plan today.

Normally I would then come home, eat breakfast, go to the gym, and then hit the grocery store. Today, however, C had an ortho appointment at 10:40. So I had enough time to eat, shower, shave for the first time in five days, and get dressed before heading back to St. P’s to grab C a little after 10.

Up to ortho where she got some adjustments, new rubber band instructions, and then off to lunch. When the girls go to ortho midday, I always take them to lunch after. We went to Mod Pizza this time and had a nice lunch together before returning her to school at 11:45.

I made a quick grocery store run next. I only got a few things, not my normal big, Monday trip. I’ll save the bigger trip for later in the week.

Home, unpack groceries, check messages, change clothes, and then head to the driving range. Monday looked to be the only decent day this week and with my country club round scheduled for Sunday, I wanted to make sure I hit some balls. As soon as I got started, I got a message from M saying that the power was out at school, the assembly planned for the last hour of the day was cancelled, and school may be let out early.

Well crap.

She said she would update me so I started hitting balls quickly in case I had to go pick her up. The grass area of the range had not been mowed in a week or so, so the lies were pretty gnarly. I moved back and forth between the grass and mats to try to get some good swings in. I wrapped things up without getting a call from M, so headed over to the practice green to get some putting in. As I was walking I got a text from CHS saying that school dismissal would come at the normal 3:10 time. I putted three balls before my phone rang. I expected it to be M but instead it was C calling, in tears, saying her head hurt and could I come pick her up.


So back to St. P’s to grab C and take her home. S was home for the afternoon so once we got C settled we talked for a few minutes about her morning. After 10–15 minutes it was back out for afternoon pickup. L had basketball practice, so it was straight to CHS to get M. Seconds after she got in the car my phone rang with another call from St. P’s. This time it was L telling me she did not have practice.


Her coach and I had even discussed what days they were practicing this week after their game Saturday. I knew it was Wednesday/Friday but for some reason Monday morning decided there was practice that day, too.

Back to St. P’s again to grab an annoyed L and head home for the day. Once home we checked in with all the girls, S and I went over her schedule for the week, we talked through dinner ideas, discussed what girl would be where on Halloween, and debated whether M should buy tickets to the CHS sectional game or if we should skip it since it’s going to be below freezing Friday night.

And that, my friends, is how a day slipped away from me rather quickly.

Oh, one note related to none of that but which happened today. As I was waiting in the pickup line at CHS listening to Alan Hunter on The Big 80s on 8, I heard him mention that they were playing Halloween music up on channel 70. I switched up there to see what they were spinning and what did I hear but Frank Sinatra singing “Mistletoe and Holly.” That’s not Halloween music! I left it on until M got in the car and she gave me a weird look. I explained why I had it on and we waited for the next song and it, too, was a Christmas song. I checked again later to hear more traditional Christmas tunes. I guess the Halloween music is on Halloween day only, and channel 70 is already spinning Christmas tunes.

Those of you who have known me and my weird ways for years know that hearing three Christmas songs, even if just bits of them, on October 28 shook me. Oh by gosh by golly…