I never served up a summary of the holiday weekend.

Our family from Denver were in town and stayed with us: S’s sister, her husband, and their two kids. It was weird picking them up and dropping them off at the airport, which seemed mostly deserted, at least from the curb-view. Not that IND is often a super-busy airport, but a holiday weekend usually means you have to double- or triple-park when doing curbside drop-off/pickup. This week I had any number of choices of spots right at the curb.

Have to admit it was a little odd having guests from out-of-town right now. It wasn’t something I dwelled on, but there was always that little voice in the back of my head wondering where they had been back in Denver, if they had been safe, who they had been around, etc. I’m sure they were thinking the same thing about us. Now we just hope everyone stays healthy for the next couple weeks and all that worry was for naught. We’ll go through the same thing in a couple weeks when we go to Captiva Island.

There were three family gatherings of different types. We hosted the Fourth of July gathering, which was fine. I think we had 25-ish people here at one point, a decent chunk of which were under the age of five. It was hot and humid, so most non-eating activity was confined to the pool. That’s why we built it.

My brother-in-law and I got out for two rounds of golf. I got beaten up a little, and playing on nicer courses was a big reminder of both how easy my home course is and that my overall game needs a lot of work. I shot 99 and 104, although I felt like I played much better in the 99 round. The big right miss off the tee was in play most of the time, although I was able to tame some of those down to more of a fade than a slice. I’ve been watching videos and reading articles about swing path, exercises to square the club face up, etc. in an effort to get that under control. If I can get more consistent off the tee that will go a long way to being able to both get my scores down and not get chewed up on the better courses. I did enjoy both the company and playing on nicer tracks.

We had planned on taking L and his son to the pitch and putt course Sunday. But L spent a little too much time diving onto a slip-n-slide Friday and her stomach muscles were so sore she could not swing a club. Throw in Sunday being the hottest day of the week and we decided to stay home and make a big breakfast instead. Not a bad decision.

These big family weekends take a lot out of you. I have no desire to cook, shop for groceries, or do much of anything else right now. The heat index pushing 100 doesn’t help. We’ve stretched the leftovers out as far as we can. This morning I made a quick grocery trip and got as little as I had to that gave us a couple dinner options for the next few nights.

And that, my friends, was how we spent our Fourth of July weekend.