“Light in the Heart of Our Town” – Joensuu 1685
This Finnish band created some buzz about 10 years ago then splintered into side projects. They are back after that long fallow period and arrive with this absolutely gorgeous song

“same mistakes” – We Were Promised Jetpacks
Along with label mates The Twilight Sad, WWPJ practice a wonderfully miserable brand of Scottish indie rock. Their songs are dark and brooding and match the weather of their homeland. If you’re into that kind of thing, you should love their newest track.

“On the Floor” – Perfume Genius
I heard this song by accident, when Spotify played it randomly after another playlist ended. I don’t remember if I’ve listened to any of Perfume Genius’ music before; I’m guessing I have and didn’t like it and thus have avoided his later work. But I’m pretty sure this sounds nothing like whatever music of his I listened to in the past. There’s a Terrence Trent D’Arby element to the vocals, and a lightness to the music that I really enjoy.

“Fall Back” – Hoops
In my now 17 years in Indiana, there haven’t been a ton of good bands that have come from the area. Hoops have been around for awhile, and while they aren’t exactly making it big, it’s good that there is some solid music from the Indy-Bloomington area to fill out summer playlists.

“Undone” – Pearl Jam
I heard this last night for the first time in awhile and it seems to fit the moment pretty well.

“Summer Girl” – HAIM
The Haim sisters released their long-anticipated Women in Music, Pt. III album a couple weeks back to rave reviews. I finally got around to listening to it this week and agree that it finally fulfills all the promise they’ve shown through their young career. In the past their albums would have a couple good singles then a lot of good ideas that didn’t necessarily work. The new album, though, is a stunner from start-to-finish. This song was released at the end of last summer and serves as a bonus track, but it’s good for mid-July.