“Start All Over Again” – Candy Opera
This sounds straight out of the early ’80s New Romantic movement, with a few modern flourishes. Which makes total sense as Candy Opera got their start in the early ’80s Liverpool music scene. They plugged along for about ten years, split up, and went their separate ways. Then, three years ago, they reformed. They put a new album out last fall and it was filled with majestic pop like this track. I guess they just needed 30 years of rumination to put it all together.

“In the Future” – Neutrals
If I told you this band had a similar story to Candy Opera – that they got their start in the late ’70s London punk scene – you’d likely believe me, based on the sound of this track. But they are a fairly new band (although with a couple older guys in it) from San Francisco. Crazy! This could easily be an early Clash song.

“Complete Control” – The Clash
Did someone say “The Clash”?

“The Bandit” – Kings of Leon
I’m not always the biggest KoL fan, but the two new songs they released about a week ago suit my ears just fine.

“Galvanize” – The Chemical Brothers
A classic from 2005, with a little help from Q-Tip.

“R U 4 Me?” – Middle Kids
I have a bunch of music sites plugged into my RSS reader so I like to think I’m always up-to-date on what my favorite bands are doing. I heard this song last week on SiriusXM, did some checking, and was flabbergasted to learn it was released back in October. I swear none of the sites I follow shared it back then, and all of them have given Middle Kids plenty of attention over the years. What a disappointment!

Coincidentally, yesterday Middle Kids released single #2 from their upcoming Today We’re the Greatest album, which is due on March 19. Where “R U 4 Me?” sounds right in line with what their best songs have sounded like, “Questions” goes in another direction. I daresay there is a little Frightened Rabbit in the back half of the song, when the horns and orchestration comes it. It strikes me as a poppier take on a song like “Things.” Middle Kids have honored FR’s sound before, so that comparison isn’t super crazy. With two new (to me) songs this week, I’ll share the video for “Questions” as a bonus.