Normally when I see videos like the one I share below, I’ll watch a few minutes and then move on to something else. But I was absolutely mesmerized by this video of a boat traveling the waterways that connect Rotterdam to Amsterdam and watched the whole thing. Multiple times.

I have a medical procedure coming up that I’ve already attempted once and was unable to complete because of a bit of an anxiety attack (more on that in a couple weeks). I will soon be attempting it again with the help (hopefully) of some Xanax. I might ask if I can also watch this on a loop until the procedure is complete. It puts me in a very chill place.

For example, how about all the different kinds of bridges? Something about them makes me happy, especially when they just open up as the boat approaches. It feels more like a model train setup, or a video game, than a time lapse of something real. The first time the boat has to sit and wait for a bridge to open comes as a shock or seems like a glitch in the system. And I love it when the big cargo barges go zooming by them.

Via Kottke