“Couch” – PONY
Some pretty good pop-punk. That opening riff sounds like it came from the first Clash album.

“Richie Sacramento” – Mogwai
This veteran Scottish act wrote this in tribute mostly to the late Dave Berman, but also to all their musical contemporaries who have passed in recent years.

“River” – Akron/Family
Sadly news broke late last night that Miles Seaton from the band Akron/Family had passed. While I knew the band’s name, I could not immediately place any of their songs. I did some digging into my old iTunes library that is stashed on the old Mac Mini kept for collecting old media and found five of their songs. I did a quick listen to them this morning and pulled this one to honor Seaton. Seems like I had an affinity for their 2009 album Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free. I did some digging and looks like I played their songs four times on my old podcast.

“Best of Friends” – Palma Violets
Steven Hyden tweeted out a link to this song earlier this week. At first I couldn’t not place either the title or the band. But the moment I listened to it, I had a spark of memory and said, “Oh yeah!” Not a classic song, but evocative of a moment in musical time, “Dude’s Rock” as Hyden called it. I played this on CLR on October 12, 2012. How different the world was then!

“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” – U2
Wednesday’s Number Ones entry was U2’s “With or Without You.” In the comments there were spirited discussions of U2’s discography. There were many varying opinions on the arc of the band’s career, but pretty much everyone agreed that this is an absolute banger that is largely forgotten. Someone suggested that U2 would have been a lot more interesting if they kept making music like this instead of moving back to the safe music they’ve been making since 2001.

“All You Can Eat” – The Fat Boys
Had to come add another video after news that Prince Markie Dee of the Fat Boys has passed away, too. RIP to a legend. There’s only one Fat Boy left…