“Hard On Everyone” – Kathleen Edwards
I hadn’t heard anything from Edwards in several years. Turns out she chucked her music career in 2014 to open a coffee shop in suburban Ottawa, Canada. Maren Morris asked her to cowrite some music two years ago and that recharged Edwards. Somehow I didn’t hear this track until a few weeks ago, despite her Total Freedom album coming out last August. Glad to have her back; this song cooks.

“True Love” – Hovvdy
This is a good song for late summer, with its ringing chords and talks of true love, which is what we all thought summer love was even though we knew it would end the moment we headed back to school.

“Half a Feeling” – Massage
This has an updated Jesus and Mary Chain vibe to it.

“Better Late Than Never” – Wings of Desire
“We’re just getting older, we’re just getting older.” A theme song for me and people my age?

“Maureen” – Murray Charles Paterson, Headland
I mentioned in my July Media post that the Lost Track Atlantic series has a phenomenal soundtrack. Almost all of the songs are on Spotify and I’ve been listening to them often. This is one of my favorites, titled for the van the lads are driving on their trip.

“Summer Teeth” – Wilco
M and C had their wisdom teeth removed yesterday. Good times! So this song is appropriate, I guess?

Instead of a proper video this week, I’ll just point you to Steven Hyden’s list of the top 40 musical performances on TV so far this century. There are some really good entries on his list, along with a few duds that appear because they were such big duds. Browse around, find something you like, and make your own Friday Vid.

The Best Music Performances On TV Since 2000, Ranked