Moving a little slow this Monday morning. We had several of S’s high school friends and their families over yesterday and the gathering ran rather late for a Sunday. Then I woke up at about 1:15 with one of those terrible, mid-summer “The AC is running but I’m still too hot to sleep” things that kept me restless for the better part of two hours. Hate those. I blame the beer and barbecue that was in my stomach.

I’ll get the final, extra-stuffed, Olympic Notebook of the year out likely tomorrow.

I’m behind on sharing links, too. We’ll see if I can get to those shortly or just save them for a long list this Friday.

Strange to wakeup, think ahead, and realize in two days I’ll have to add early alarms back to my phone and be getting two of the girls up for school. L gets to go drop her school supplies off and meet her homeroom teacher, who is new to St. P’s, later today, then she begins classes Wednesday. C has freshman schedule walkthrough Wednesday morning, starts classes Thursday, then has no class Friday but instead a seven-hour orientation session that lasts from mid-afternoon into the evening. M starts classes Friday. Weird, I know. CHS started staggering how grades start last year – freshmen and seniors one day, sophomores and juniors the next – and decided to stick with it this year. Thus we ease into the new school year before everyone is locked in a week from today.

RIP to Markie Post. A lot of guys who grew up in the 80s were sad when they heard the news.