“Surrender” – Gold Star
A lot of influences bubbling up in this track. I hear some Springsteen, but as if filtered through others who have used The Boss’ music as a guide over the years. There’s also a stark, story-telling feel that reminds me of some early The War on Drugs stuff. I most definitely dig.

“Day I Did Nothing” – Waves of Dread
Not what I think of when I think of music from Newcastle, but it works. I dedicate this to C. Her first day of high school was yesterday. Instead of classes today, though, they have a long orientation session that begins at 2:15 and wraps up when the 8:00 pm Mass ends. Pretty sure she’s sleeping in and doing nothing until about 1:35.

“Thirstier” – TORRES
A few weeks back I said that “Don’t Go Puttin Wishes in My Head” might be the best thing TORRES has ever done. This, the title track off her latest album, is right up there with it.

“Khala My Friend” – Amanaz
I should have made a note of the number of plays this had on Spotify last Friday at about 6:00, when I listened to it for the first time. Because I guarantee that number was a lot lower than the 11 million plus it has now. Why the surge? It was used over the closing credits of last week’s Ted Lasso episode. It was released in 1975 by the Zambian band Amanaz, and is considered a classic of the Zamrock movement, which combined elements of psychedelic rock and traditional African music. I listened to their entire Africa album, and it is wonderful. Just another tremendous thing to come out of the whole Ted Lasso experience.

“Summertime Girls” – Y&T
It’s always sad when important pieces of art deteriorate over time. Take this video, for example, which we can only view in the present day in this blurry format. A few more decades of aging and it may be lost forever.