Time to share some more things I’ve been reading on screens of various sizes.

The Vaccine Cards Are the Wrong Size

In the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal, as author Amanda Mull admits. But it sure is annoying. And signs of a bigger issue.

The inconvenient paper vestige that vaccinated Americans now carry of that experience is an exasperating reminder not of the shots themselves, but of all the other missed opportunities our government has had to ease the pandemic’s many predictable problems.

Those Were the Days of Our Lives

A hilarious and lovely book excerpt about the glories of being allowed to roam free during the summer as a kid of the ‘70s and ‘80s.

My internal clock was never keener. Without arranging to meet, all the kids in a two-mile radius managed to wander out to the yards and streets of our neighborhoods around the same time each morning like Raisin Bran–fueled zombies. Sometimes you would hear a kid outside playing before anyone else, and that would be the clarion call to the rest of us to hustle. A cacophony of banging screen doors signaled our mass exodus. We were wild. We were free.

His Name Was Emmett Till

Wright Thompson is such a great storyteller. That said, sometimes I find his work to be a little, well, much I guess. But this piece is damn close to perfect.

Indiana attorney general investigating whether Valpo institute is front for Communist Party

Glad that Indiana elected officials are getting in on the contest to see who can say the dumbest thing.

I’m Highly Skeptical That You Can Find More Than 16 Out Of 50 States On The Map

50 for 50, bitches.