“A Real Thing” – The Beths
This lovely track from New Zealand sets up a run of poppier tracks that make up the bulk of this week’s PL.

“Bad Love” – Dehd
In the write-ups for this song, I saw it compared to the blog rock of the ’00s. I certainly hear that, but I also hear a nice dollop of ’60s-influenced pop.

“Kissing Lessons” – Lucy Dacus
More good shit from Ms. Dacus.

“AB Bride” – The Rural Alberta Advantage
This is the B-side of the latest TRAA single, and I like it more than the featured track.

“Five Years” – Cowboy Junkies
A wonderful cover of a David Bowie original. This was the advance single off the Junkies’ new album, Songs of the Recollection, which is an all-covers disk. Margo Timmins can sing just about anything and make it magical.

“Nearly Lost You” – Screaming Trees
Guessing I am like most of you, and all I knew of Mark Lanegan’s music was this, his unlikely hit with his band Screaming Trees thanks to its placement on the 1992 Singles soundtrack, and the theme song he co-wrote for Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. I’m sure I listened to some of his music of the years – notably his appearances in Mad Season and Queens of the Stone Age – but I found his solo work generally did not fit my ear. Lanegan died this past Tuesday. His memory will live on with us Gen Xers who had that Singles CD in our collections.