I wrote a Thanksgiving memory piece Monday I haven’t had time to finish. That’s my task for the afternoon. But here’s something to tide you over.
My wife.
Our health and happiness.
My new brothers and sisters and parents.
Our friends and family who helped make this the most amazing year of our lives.
The good fortune to live in a great house.
A job that’s maddening some days, but gives me a good income and the freedom to travel, visit friends, and pursue my writing.
ESPN Full Court.
Wayne Simien, Keith Langford, and Aaron Miles.
Bill Self.
Mark Mangino and Bill Whittemore.
The Fab Five.
Seinfeld reruns.
Will Ferrell.
One more album from Joe Strummer.
Wilco, Pearl Jam, and Radiohead.
My MP3 player.
Bubb Rubb and Lil’ Sis.
Newcastle Brown Ale.
Any Glen, just as long as it’s not a blend.
Really good Mexican food.
Daylong e-mail discussions with some of you (you know who you are).
Epic eating binges when I return to my hometown.
Friends who make me want to return to my hometown more often than I can.
The freedom to write whatever I want on my own website.
Enough friends who read my thoughts to make the effort worthwhile.
Hosting our first Thanksgiving tomorrow.