It’s currently 12:43 AM EST. My alarm went off almost 23 hours ago after a night in which I got about two and a half hours of sleep (following two nights when I probably slept a combined seven hours). Consider yourselves lucky I’m so wiped, as I’m sitting about two miles from the house I lived in for 11 months during our great, California experience in 1986-7. I’m sure I would wax poetic from the Hilton Garden Inn if I had any wits left. Sadly for you, I have a 4:45 AM PST wake up call coming up to catch my flight home tomorrow. Make no mistake, some writing will be done on the plane tomorrow! Rest well, I’ll be back on Friday.

Oh yeah, great comments the last few days! I’m most appreciative of your input. It makes the writing, even small pieces, worth it for me.