I’ve not very smartly scheduled a trip to Arizona for the next two days. Actually I was told I should join someone else who was traveling out west this week. This comes after my trip last week, which I’m still trying to wrap up my list of To-Do’s from. So time is a bit tight this week. So tight I managed to totally forget about following the Italy-Denmark match yesterday in the European Soccer Championships. My love for Italia has waned somewhat since the heyday of the mid-90s, but the Azzurri are still my favored international side. I’m also quite enamored of the Dutch style of play, and favor the tradition the English national team brings to each match. As always, though, what’s most important is each game is played fairly. (I’m preparing for my future as a youth soccer coach.)

A very exciting bird update. For the last several afternoons, a peek outside the front windows has brought the pleasant site of the bright red male cardinal picking at the shrubbery in our front yard while his orange-beaked life partner skips through our grass looking for seeds. I hadn’t seen her since the winter, so it’s good to see homey is getting some. I’ve seen him chasing other males off, so she must be pretty hot by bird standards. I took some pictures Saturday. I’ll see if any are worthy of posting.

No sign of the raccoons recently, but I did see a freaking chipmunk hoping around our front yard yesterday. Little fuckers dig up the ground around our flowers and shrubs.

We’ve reached the point in pregnancy where there’s just no room left in S.’s belly. Where we used to feel the Little Girlfriend flip and flop, now she seems to move in a much smaller radius. Her booty (or what we assumed was her booty) was sticking out last night. Seemed like she was wriggling around trying to get comfy. I can’t reproduce the exact soundtrack, but S.’s reaction was something like this:
“Whoa sister!”
“Hey, those are my ribs!”
No, S. did not try to pinch the Little Girlfriend’s ass. I patted it a couple times, but S. registered strong displeasure with the sensation she received shortly afterwards. I guess feet to the bladder don’t feel so great but what do I know?