Not much going on today. We have visitors coming in this afternoon (The Belfords, of the Johnson County Belfords) so I’ve got some cleaning to do. The lawn needs to be mowed before the obligatory holiday rain hits. I’m really hoping nothing work related comes up today. It’s nice to turn three day weekends into four day weekends.

Big new baby shout outs to the B’s, who welcomed little Sam into the world yesterday. Sam got his hands on the phone and dialed our number last night. He asked for the Little Girlfriend, but I had to tell him she’s not available for another 4-5 weeks. That kid has quite the vocabulary for a newborn!

As I said, rain is in the forecast here all weekend. We were hoping to go to the Indians game tomorrow night, then sample some famous Hebert smoked meats on Sunday. We’ll see how the game thing turns out, but I know meats can be smoked in any weather.

Everyone have a happy and safe Fourth of July holiday. I’m sure I’ll have lots of new stuff to share on Tuesday.