Sunday night, and I’m sitting here in a faded, yet still bright orange Pearl Jam shirt and some blue KU shorts. I’m feeling very European in my get up! I have a feeling that in Amsterdam, they would think I was dressed quite dapperly. However, if I went to the grocery store to buy some milk, baby formula, or scotch, they’d think I was a mental patient.

One good thing about having the in-laws just across town is easy access to babysitting services. My mother-in-law offered her services Saturday night so we could get out of the house for a while. And get out we did! Our first trip to one of our favorite sushi joints together since the night we found out we were going to have a baby. Mmmm, grilled eel! Thanks to M’s feeding schedule, we were seated just before 6:00, which reminded us that we truly are old now. Even stopping on the way home to pick up ice cream for dessert, we were out for less than two hours. Lame.

Sunday, S. and one of her sisters took M. for a walk around the neighborhood. I took another sister-in-law to Costco, and then ran for the first time in six weeks. None of that may sound very exciting, but if I’m going to get back in some kind of routine, it will be these baby steps that get me there.

I’ve added some new baby pics to the .Mac homepage. I also set up a new gateway page, which is linked below. In the future, all new albums will be visible from this page, so you can hang onto this link.

My Daughter is Cuter Than Your Daughter

For baseball fans out there, I’ve found a fine blog that has become a daily read for me. I highly recommend Will Carroll’s weblog, which features four writers about mostly baseball matters. Be warned, however, there is a surprising amount of political commentary as well, and it leans left. So if you don’t want to be subjected to another tentacle of the vast, left wing, media conspiracy, steer clear.

Baseball & Politics? Yum!

These Olympics are like manna for the new parent. Sporting events that are on almost 24 hours a day? Yes, please, and thank you. It is distracting, though, to have to avoid the major sports sites and channels if I don’t want the results ruined for me before I watch the taped events. I thought they were going to make sure all events took place in US prime time, no matter where the games took place, in order to placate the US viewing audience. Someone needs to do something about this. Can we get Tom Ridge involved somehow?