So much for keeping to a regular schedule last week. My apologies, but fatherhood was getting me down a little. I have a lengthy Olympics-related post I’ll add on Monday. However, I did want to point out a few changes the good people at Blogger made last week. Those nasty ads that used to litter the top of the page? Gone. In their place, a sweet little Google search box for this site alone. Need to point your friend the literary agent to my brilliant comparison of Michigan’s Fab Five to the Queer Eye Fab Five? Type it in, and you’ll get links to each time I’ve mentioned the Fab Fives.
Want to find out what I predicted for last year’s KU-MU football game? Search away. (KU, 45-41). Pretty cool, and helps me find old posts quickly too.
Also, in the far right, is a Next Blog button. That will randomly take you to another Blogger blog. Kind of fun for wasting time and seeing what the rest of the blogosphere holds.