Some quick thoughts after the long, holiday weekend.

The Oregon State kicker is either going to get more sympathy sex than anyone in the history of college sports or he’s going to jump off a building. No in-betweens after his performance against LSU.

I’m sure there was much “good natured ribbing” of KU fans back in KC, what with the basketball team scheduling its exhibition games in Canada the same weekend as the football season began. I bet there were many jokes about the 6,000 people who showed up at Memorial Stadium early to watch the basketball game told with a wink and a nod.

Another great thing about the Olympics is they allowed me to avoid all the preseason football hype this year. As loyal readers may recall, this time last year I stated my strong opposition for any football being played before Labor Day. I feel rather strongly that baseball should own the sporting world until the day after Labor Day. There are many high schools around here that had already played three games before Labor Day this year. I’m less militant this year because avoiding results for events I had not yet seen during the Olympics meant pretty much avoiding all preseason coverage of college and the pros. Still, the season starts too damn early.

Both IU and Purdue scored more than 40 points and Notre Dame lost this weekend. Fortunately, Purdue played on Sunday afternoon, otherwise there would have been many a sermon around here Sunday morning warning of Armageddon. Those three things happening on the same weekend have to be some kind of sign.

How very Yankee for the American League baseball club in New York to call for Tampa Bay to forfeit the first game of Monday’s doubleheader after they were delayed by Hurricane Frances. Not only do they blow apart the economics of baseball, but they also avoid the spirit of the game’s rules in order to gain a benefit (See also: Pine Tar Game).

There’s nothing I like about Vijay Singh. Now that he’s the #1 ranked golfer in the world, his already over inflated ego is going to get even larger. Come on, Tiger, get your ass in gear and start destroying people again.

I just read the Sports Illustrated feature on Jimmy Connors from a couple weeks back. I was always a huge McEnroe guy, so I hated Jimmy. I’ll give him this, though: he was interesting to watch, unlike most of today’s players.

I actually bought two books for general reading purposes over the weekend, so I hope to begin updating the List of Zen again soon. I picked up Chuck Klosterman’s Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs after several recommendations and his recent work with Bill Simmons. I also got Greg Kot’s new book Wilco: Learning How to Die. I’m a sucker for books about bands I love.