It’s clear there’s one big bonus to being unemployed: If Monday Night Football is exciting, I’ll be able to stay up and watch the entire game. At least until the rest of the world changes time, that is. Tonight, though, I persevered and made it through the entire Dallas-Washington game. A pretty amazing ending, if only for the way it got the hopes of Redskins fans up only to be dashed when there were no more timeouts. One of the benefits of following America’s Team is crushing the spirit of Redskins fans, even when the Cowboys suck.
I was pretty fascinated by the work of the sideline cameramen. The Redskins cheerleaders are wearing utterly ridiculous outfits this year, and it became clear throughout the night that some kind of agreement had been made with the ABC crew. The MNF team always does a nice job of showcasing the “talents” of cheerleaders around the league each Monday evening. I think some cash exchanged hands this week, though. Extra long shots. Bordering on criminally long. Cheerleaders striking poses better suited for posters to adorn the walls of auto mechanics rather than network television. It reached the point where I half expect Jerry Falwell to launch a protest against ABC in time for next week’s game.
All of this is yet another reminder of the difficulty in being the father of a girl. Do I want some T&A with my football? Absolutely. What could be more American, save beach volleyball dancers? However, as I stared at the augmented cleavage of woman after woman, I couldn’t help but think she was someone’s daughter. And do I want anyone looking at my daughter that way? Probably not. Only if it becomes cool for the President of the United States to be a woman, a total hottie, and to deliver the State of the Union in a bikini. The moral of the story is that with fatherhood comes guilt. Overwhelming guilt as you attempt to partake in the simple pleasures in life. It’s quite maddening.
If you missed the game, here’s a link you might be interested in. (I found it totally randomly, of course.)