I can’t say it was the most successful night ever, and I can’t say it was a complete disaster either. After almost a week of sleeping 5-7 hours a night, M.┬áreverted to her every three hour schedule for waking up. Still suffering from the shots she received on Monday, nothing could placate her during the afternoon and evening other than laying across my legs on her belly. Sometimes even a bottle at the regular feeding time couldn’t do the trick. Finally, after she had eaten, pooped, and thrown up between 5:00 and 6:00, I brought her downstairs, laid down on the couch, and put her on my chest. We both slept intermittently until S. got home a little after 8:00 and took her back to her room. I proceeded to sleep until 11:00.
The good news is she seems to be in a much better mood today, so perhaps the lingering effects of the shots have worn off and she’s back to normal. S. works again Thursday night, so we get another chance to prove we can survive without her quickly. Our first true baby-sitting experience is coming up on Saturday as well. S. works 24 hours and I’m heading to South Bend for the Notre Dame – Purdue game. She’s just going to the in-laws so a sister-in-law can watch her, but she’ll be away from us from about 7:00 AM until whenever we get back from the game that night. As I learned last year on my trip to South Bend, cell phones work only occasionally before a ND game because of all the traffic on the airwaves. Should be interesting!