I just spent the last hour getting my ass kicked by some GRE math review. I understand the point of these sample sections is to beat you up a little so you’re ready for the real test, but when they actually do more to confuse you than help you relearn the concepts, I begin to wonder if I’ve spent my money wisely on materials.
In the time between when S. left for work and a sister-in-law showed up to give me a few hours to study, M. and I watched the last half hour of Purple Rain. If you haven’t noticed, the movie is on VH1 constantly these days, no doubt in an attempt to capitalize on the release of the 20th anniversary DVD and cheapos like me who don’t want to buy it. I don’t think M. is quite ready for some of the scenes, even in the edited version, but it’s never too early to introduce her to some of the seminal music of my life. She was notably impressed by the majesty of the title track. She played along with me as I made the hand signs during “I Would Die 4 U”. She really liked “Baby I’m a Star”, mostly because of the “Baby, baby, baby, baby” lines.
She did have some concerns about the acting and fashion, though. I explained to her everyone looked so strange because the movie was made two decades ago. I pointed out she’ll be a college junior (Or sophomore if she got my academic genes) in two decades. Also, the movie took place in Minnesota, not exactly a hotbed of couture. I think she understood. As for the lack of acting prowess, I proposed that some movies get their strength not from the performances of the actors, but from the mood, the feel, and especially in Purple Rain’s case, the power of the music. Sounds this good can make up for a multitude of sins. She argued, however, that a movie should be judged for the merits of all its elements, not just on the strength of one or two aspects. This is clearly a conversation she and I are going to continue for many years. As long as she gets the music, I’ll be happy.
And I bet a few of you thought this was going to be a political post after seeing the subject line, no?
I added a post last night that doesn’t appear to be available for viewing. I’ll check it out and hopefully get that added again this evening.