I’m not sure if it was the lengthy, and frankly rather one-sided, discussion she had with her mother or the fact I took her looting with me after the KU game went final, but M. slept a full eight hours on Saturday night/Sunday morning. She damn near slept all day Sunday, too, so I wondered if a witch had put a spell on her or something. It is October, after all, so you never know. You do know what they say, though: once you go eight, you never go back.
The second milestone was reached last night. M. managed to pee on the couch while we were trying to do a quick change, so I ran upstairs to grab a new outfit. I picked the first thing I saw with long sleeved arms and footies and ran back downstairs. S. looked at my selection, wrinkled her nose, and said, “I don’t think she’ll fit in that anymore.” Sure enough, we stretch it out in an attempt to get it over her legs, and she couldn’t get her feet into the footies, let alone stretch her legs out. And you know how she needs to stretch her shit out if she wants to be a tall drink of water one day. That was equally impressive and odd. We’ve watched her grow rapidly over the past ten weeks, but it’s more than a little strange to think she’s already out growing some of her clothes.