I never thought I’d have to give up on Game One of the ALCS before the 4th inning even started. I can only hope this was a little like Atlanta’s outburst in Game One of the 1996 World Series and the Sox right things tomorrow. I was contemplating the long-term effects of a Yankees loss, though, and am a little concerned. The two biggest names on the free agent list for this off season are Carlos Beltran and Carl Pavano. If the Yankees lose either this series or the World Series, I estimate there is a 99.9% chance the Yankees will sign both players (and jack up Pedro Martinez’s price so it ruins the Red Sox payroll as well). If they win another title, though, the odds drop to 99.5%. So should I want the Yanks to go ahead and win out to give the rest of baseball a glimmer of hope? Will even the most myopic of Yankees bandwagon fans jump ship in disgust over a $300 million payroll? For some reason, I doubt it. Just in case anyone accuses me of jumping on the anti-Yankees bandwagon, I’ve been hating them since 1977. This ain’t anything new. And in case you accuse me of jealousy, think again. Maybe it was jealousy in the era when the Royals had an equal or higher payroll than the Yanks. Now it’s pure hate; there’s nothing envious about it.