It’s Kansas-Missouri football week, so I’m sure you can imagine how fired up everyone in my neighborhood is! At least M.¬†and I are. We’re hosting a watch party for the local rivalry, Indiana and Purdue, so the girl and I will have to steal away to my office to check the score on the real game periodically.
I planned on writing something about the game Friday, including some props to the schools/Big 12 for getting the game back to it’s proper date: the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I argued this point a year ago, and pretty much every year the game bounced through the football calendar. This Saturday is the big, traditional rivalry weekend in college football. It makes sense for the Jayhawks and Tigers to be playing this weekend every year. Imagine my outrage when KU released their preliminary 2005 schedule yesterday and I next year’s edition will be played on October 29. To restate another traditional comment, the Big 12 sucks. If they can’t grant my wish of playing the game at its proper time, how about throwing me a bone and fixing the game in a specific weekend? I don’t care if it’s the first weekend of November, the third Saturday in October, whatever. I’d just like to know that if it’s weekend X, my alma mater is playing its biggest rival. Is that too much to ask?