Stealing from the NBA, Happy Basketball New Year! The pro season is three weeks old, college hoops started playing for real earlier this week, and my Kansas Jayhawks take the court for the first time tonight. ESPN Full Court has been purchased. Popcorn is only 11 hours from being popped. I’m contemplating what shirt to start the season with. And thankfully the Sports Illustrated college hoops group decided to hang the cover jinx on North Carolina. At least their coach isn’t superstitious.
Looking into my crystal ball, I see the following in the future for KU:
24-3 Regular season record, 14-2 in the Big 12, regular season champions
Big 12 Tournament title
#1 seed in the NCAAs
Nets come down in St. Louis as KU defeats Syracuse 81-78. Somewhere in North Carolina, Roy Williams cries and says he doesn’t give a shit about Kansas.