A basketball lover’s Thanksgiving tonight:
6:00 PM – Snack: Indiana vs. Indiana State. IU has a lot of young talent. The question is will Mike Davis screw them up or will the Hoosiers be better than they were a year ago? (Please note, I just think Davis is a bad coach. I’m not one of the people who hate him just because he’s not Bobby Knight. In fact, I liked Davis at first simply because he wasn’t Bobby.) ISU is no good, but every good college hoops fan gets a warm feeling when they think of the Sycamores. I was down at IUPUI a couple weeks back and saw a kid who was wearing an ISU Larry Bird jersey. I nearly offered to pay his tuition for the semester I was so impressed by his fashion sense.
7:00 – Appetizer: Celtics at Pacers. My man Paul Pierce should go off without Ron Artest to slow him down. With the Pacers officially out of the NBA title hunt, I’m back to basically cheering for my KU guys in the NBA to do well.
10:00 – Main Course: St. Joe’s at KU. Can my Jayhawks find some of the pace and fluidity that was sorely missing last Friday? Will they be smarting at all after dropping a spot in the AP poll this week? Will any freshman big man demonstrate that he has a clue? St. Joe’s should not be nearly as good as they were a year ago, but they return players that have a new sense of confidence after breaking their way into the college basketball elite last year.
Also, plenty of fluff from Maui on ESPN to fill the commercial gaps. Should be an outstanding evening in front of the big screen. Maybe something interesting will happen and I can write about it tomorrow!