Some tidbits from the weekend:

I’m not sure what that was that went on in the KU-Villanova game. I do know this: that game will be looked back at as the turning point for this KU team. They’re either going to take it as a wake-up call, start performing more consistently and get past whatever off-court issues might exist within the team. Or that’s going to be the moment we look back at and say, “They were never really that good because they never recovered from that game.” I’m really hoping it’s just a matter of the team reading its preseason hype and/or thinking about the NBA too much, which can be corrected. The much vaunted toughness us KU fans were so excited about after the Georgia Tech and Kentucky games was certainly no where to be found Saturday.

Why do the haters continue to hate the Patriots? I just don’t get it. I think you can make a legitimate argument for picking the Colts last week, no matter what Bill Simmons says. In theory the Colts’ offensive scheme was the perfect way to attack the Patriots’ defense. Their collapse was predictable, though. I don’t understand how anyone outside Pittsburgh thought the Steelers had a realistic chance Sunday. A rookie quarterback who’s been in the tank for a month is really going to be effective against one of the most innovative defenses in the game? Come on. The mythology of the Patriots has probably gone a little too far, but they are a fascinating team to watch. How many teams out there with two rings still play as though they have something to prove in each game? Analysts rightly dismiss comparisons to the 49ers beyond the Brady-Montana angle, but I do think the Patriots’ coaching staff is the best combination of innovation and sheer good coaching since the Bill Walsh era ‘Niners.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a casual watcher of football. I make my predictions based on hunches and observation more than any in-depth knowledge of the game. That said, does Jim Nantz know the first thing about football? Each time I listen to him broadcast a game, I wonder if he really understands anything about the game.

Am I the only one who thinks everyone on Pittsburgh’s defense is on steroids? It’s not their size that concerns me, it’s the out-of-control emotions even when down 21. Rage much?

As an old school Cowboys fan, I despise the Philadelphia Eagles. I hate them more than the Redskins and Giants put together. Between that and my admiration for the Patriots (helped by being a regular reader of Mr. Simmons and my brother-in-law who’s at BU giving me more interest in watching them), I think you know where my rooting interests lie next week.

RE:Johnny Carson, like a lot of kids I grew up watching Johnny when I was at my grandparents’ homes. In the days before rural cable, that was really the only late night option when visiting the sticks of western Kansas. They always thought he was funny, so I guess I did too. When I reached high school and really got into Letterman and then Arsenio, I turned my back on Johnny. He was old, out of touch, a square. In recent years, as our circle of friends has developed an appreciation for the Sinatra lounge scene, I started to wish TVLand or NBC would show old Tonight Shows. I could do without the Rich Little appearances, but there was a ton of good comedy in those shows. In turbulent times, there was always a warm, safe, comforting feel to Johnny’s show. I think Leno sucks, Letterman lost his fastball years ago, and can’t stay up to watch Conan. To say that Johnny was the master is to state the obvious. It’s too bad his style will never work on TV again. We could use a little Johnny Carson in the world today. Rest in peace.

A note for Cheers fans: The Thanksgiving Orphans should air on TV Land sometime in the next two days, unless they skip it. They’re in the middle of season five right now. Tan ‘N Wash was on last night.