S. and M. are out with Baby Henry and his mom at a movie. Apparently there are theaters that have kid friendly flicks during the day. They’re regular movies, but parents are welcome to bring their small children. They keep the lights only half-dimmed and no one cares if your child cries, talks, etc. Pretty cool concept when you think about it.

Anyway, before S. left she started giggling and said she imagined my fellow new fathers and I taking the kids out to a movie together on our next trip to Kansas City. In fact, she said she “would piss herself” if we did that. So, gentlemen, the challenge has been presented to us. I expect our next family trip to KC to come in the summer sometime. Be prepared for a dads’ day out if you want to see my wife wet herself.

Oh, apparently they’re seeing The Wedding Date, the Debra Messing vehicle.