Why is Liza Minelli always on TV? I did some checking, and while she won an Oscar and is the daughter of famous people, it’s not like she’s done much to generate all the media attention she gets. There are some people that older generations are gaga about, and while people our age may belittle their talent, we at least understand they were once huge stars. I’m not sure I understand what Liza did in her career that makes her so interesting. I was flipping around Monday night and saw her on Larry King or some other show talking about how messed up her life has been. Best I could tell, she’s just a washed up entertainer turned media whore who is willing to talk about drugs, abuse, etc. in order to get on shows. Why can’t she go Elizabeth Taylor and be crazy but remain secluded most of the time?

A bill banning the use of cell phones while driving was killed in committee in the Indiana legislature. People who talk on their phones while driving too slow, fast, too erratically piss me off, but I don’t get legislating against the practice. Studies have shown tuning the radio, changing CDs, lighting a cigarette, and even talking to a passenger are just as distracting to drivers as talking on a cell phone. If we could just get computers to take over our driving like in Minority Report, all problems would be solved.

Daylight Savings Time may or may not make it through the legislature this year. Apparently if they just vote on it, it will pass. But if they get into any discussions, it will fail. I tried to read an article in the Star about it yesterday and that was the general idea I took away from it. I can’t say I understand. I did enjoy one legislator who said his district is evenly split on things like gambling to pay for the Colts stadium, gay marriage ban, but on DST, they run 9-1 against it. “Hell no, hell no again, hell no a thousand times is what people in my district tell me.” Is it really that hard to move your clocks twice a year? I heard a funny description of people who aren’t technically savvy last week. “Flashing 12s.” You know, people who don’t know how to adjust their VCR clocks so they flash 12:00 constantly? I fear my new home state is loaded with those types.