We watched Ray tonight, which I think means I saw one movie nominated for this year’s Oscars. Anchorman didn’t get any nominations, right? I liked Ray, I just thought it was oddly done. It was far too broad, and thus left me unsure of what to think of Ray. Was he a bad guy who turned good? A good guy who had some rough patches? They try to do too much even though the movie is two and a half hours long.

Jamie Foxx is brilliant, however. He gets Robin Williams points, though, since most of us think that people who start as comedians can’t be serious actors, and are blown away when they prove us wrong. A fantastic performance, although I think Don Cheadle’s work in Hotel Rwanda was far more important (said by the man who waits until anything that isn’t a Will Ferrell movie hits DVD to see it). He makes a 2 1/2 star movie interesting enough to stay with it. Other than his performance and the music, nothing hooked me.

Anyway, the important part was M’s¬†reaction to the music. We’re talking ground-breaking, genre exploding and defining music by a man so gifted his nickname was The Genius. I’m pleased to report, that once Ray started singing his music, M.¬†went nuts. She danced around, or at least danced as much as a seven-month old can while being held by their mom, and laughed and shrieked and grinned. It may have just been the formula talking, but I think she’s getting my music appreciation early. Next time mommy works on a weekend day, we’re breaking out all three disks of The Clash on Broadway and seeing what happens!