I slept what seemed to be about 90% of the weekend. That may sound like great fun to many of you, but this wasn’t leisurely, comfortable sleep. This was sleep because my body couldn’t stay awake. There were many factors that could have caused this:

1) M. continued to teeth last week, with the added burden of fighting her first cold. She was up anywhere from 1-3 hours every night last week, in addition to just needing someone to come find her binky an additional 4-5 times a night.

2) Between M.’s issues and my own insomnia, I averaged about 3.5 hours of sleep last week. One night, when S. was working, M. went down quietly at 8:00. I went to bed at 9:00, thinking I would read until I got tired then try to steal some sleep before M.’s meds wore off. Naturally, it was 2:00 AM before I started to even feel a little tired, and the first time I slept into a light sleep was the moment M. started crying.

3) I started having flu-like symptoms Friday afternoon. They got worse Saturday through Sunday. Still haven’t been awake long enough to figure out how I feel today.

I slept something like 11 hours Friday night, with some interruptions from M., ten hours Saturday night, and another ten-plus hours last night. I took a two-hour nap Saturday. I took three naps Sunday. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I’ve got nothing to offer you this morning. Hopefully I’ll wake up in awhile and realize I feel better. Going to class on another 70+ day may help too. I’m avoiding tonight’s basketball game, so I’ll try to get something decent posted this evening.

One other note for my non-Indiana readers. We’re back on the equivalent of Central time now (Actually we’re still on Eastern Standard Time while most everyone else is on Daylight time). Keep that in mind when calling from Kansas City bars late at night. If the legislature and governor act as promised, we could be changing our clocks here in Indiana on June 5, and then every October and April as civilized societies should. More on that when it happens.

Royals-Tigers at noon on the Deuce!