Friday: Tooth number 3 pushed its way through the gums. She also ate her first ever macaroni and cheese while her parents ate at a local barbecue joint, then some ice cream with dessert.

Saturday: First time in a real swing. There’s a cool little park close to our house called Carmelot (get it Carmel + Camelot?) that we walked M. over to. They have two swings that you can securely place a little one into, so we dropped her in and started swinging away. She thought it was great! Screamed, laughed, drooled. She would lean over the front and watch the ground go back-and-forth.

Sunday: Gorgeous day, but S. was working. I took M. for a walk through the neighborhood this afternoon. Each time a car approached us, she threw her hands up, bounced in her seat, and started laughing. Hopefully this doesn’t mean she’s going to enjoy playing in traffic one day. Because of her rather large cranium, we had to buy her a sun hat that’s more for four-year-olds than nine-month-olds. The brim is so big that you can hardly see any of her face when she has it on. Cracks me up, because when she sees something that’s above ground level that is of interest, she leans her head way back so she can see out from under the hat. She was up, with only a 30 minute nap, from 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM tonight. Hopefully that means she sleeps until about 8:00 tomorrow morning now.