Funny how many of my buddies are like me: celebrating their first Father’s Day as a dad. I hope you all have something fun planned. As for me, S. is working today, so it may just be M. and I hitting the mall for awhile. I’m secretly hoping S. put some money in M.’s pocket and she’ll be getting her daddy a PowerBook if we go into the Apple Store. I won’t hold my breath, though. S. did go out and get me some Starbucks before she went to work today, which believe it or not, is a pretty good gift when you’ve got the baby all day. M. seems to be taking an extra long nap this morning to give me time to do some things. Plus, with tomorrow being the day a certain blogger turns 34, there will be a combined celebration then.

Strange to look at where I am in life as I end my 33rd year. Six years ago, I never thought I’d be married, let alone have kids. Not only have I accomplished both, but now I’m a stay-at-home dad! I never saw any reason to go back to school six years ago, either. It was hard enough staying focused long enough to get my bachelor’s degree. Why ever think about going back? Joke was on me, I guess.