The only good thing about having another sewer line backup is the fact the plumber who was scheduled to pay us a visit between 5-7 got bogged down on his early job. When the emergency replacement finally showed up at 8:30, we had earned a $300 credit on our bill. For those of you who aren’t homeowners and have never had to pay for a plumber to do more than fix a leaky faucet, yes, we still dropped some money even after the credit. And joy of joys, it appears we’ll be dropping a rather significant amount of money down the drain (errrrrrr) in order to prevent this from happening again.

And is it just me, or aren’t plumbers generally really nice people? We’ve generally had good luck with the electricians, painters, handymen, etc. we’ve employed over the past two years. But both plumbers we’ve delt with, I could happily grab a beer with. After they washed their hands, of course.

Anyway, the water is flowing, the toilets are flushing, and the washing machine is spinning. For now. I’m sure you’re all greatly relieved at that news. I won’t tell you about what happened to our towel supply as I struggled to cope with today’s disaster.

OK, I’m done, I’m off to bed soon, and we’re off to Kansas City tomorrow. Talk to you next week.