“An infernal, murderous pace.”
“Vinokourov is about to pop.”
“What we’re seeing is a man destroying all of his competitors.”
“Lance Armstrong is an angry, angry man.”

I don’t know what I enjoy more about watching OLN’s coverage of the Tour de France. Lance Armstrong’s sublime performance or the pitch-perfect comments the announcers use to describe what is happening. Today was the second snapshot moment for Lance in this year’s tour. The first came in the opening time trial, when he caught Jan Ullrich and gave him a look over the shoulder as he passed him. Ullrich was utterly done for the Tour at that moment. Today, in a classic mountain performance, Lance left nearly everyone of significance behind. It’s become a cliche over the past seven years, but there is little in sports like watching Lance’s effort when climbing a mountain compared to his competitors. You can literally see the will and energy seep from their bodies as they attempt to match his energy. He peddles as if he’s on a Sunday ride and everyone else struggles to keep upright. I’m going to miss Lance very much.

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