I’m never disappointed by the people I see when I’m out and about. There’s always someone acting like a jackass or dressed inappropriately to entertain me. It’s one of the true joys of living in the Midwest. Example: I was at Target Sunday and saw a guy walking around with a shirt that said “<a href=”;ltr=A&amp;nav=11&amp;prd=14540″>Jerkmeoff</a>.” I think it’s supposed to be a parody of a Smirnoff shirt. I hope. I guess. I’m by no means a prude and have noted my annoyance with politicians who attempt to ban certain styles of clothing several times in my blogging career, but seriously, what makes a person decide to put this shirt on before they go run their weekend errands? “Well, I’ve got my <a href=”http://www.choiceshirts.com/item/k/a6582e/”>Stars and Bars shirt</a>, my Tony Stewart shirt, but I think I’m going to put my Jerkmeoff shirt on for my trip to Target today. Might help me talk to one of them cute girls they got workin’ there.”

And yes, the person wearing this shirt most definitely had a mullet. Sadly, the odds of seeing someone in a similar shirt in Kansas City is probably equally as high, so I can’t really compare/contrast my old home to my new one here.