As if there was any doubt about M’s¬†paternity, over the weekend she demonstrated a new trick that sealed it. For several weeks, she’s been able to turn the portable stereo we keep in our three season room on-and-off, using either the remote or the main power switch. We ended up having to take the batteries out of the remote, because she also discovered the Volume Up button. We’d be in another room, hear the stereo come on, then quickly crank all the way up, followed by screaming. I’d run in and see her sitting in front of the stereo, in tears, still pointing the remote at it with the Volume Up button depressed.

Several times over the weekend, though, I found her sitting in front of the stereo, rocking back-and-forth to the music, smiling. She’s already turning into a music fan! I remember playing with my parents’ record player when I was little, listening to Sesame Street, Really Rosie, and Winnie the Pooh albums for as long as they would let me. M.¬†is one up on her old man, though. She was listening to current acts like Franz Ferdinand, Death Cab for Cutie along with older music from artists like Mellencamp, Fleetwood Mac, and the Beatles. Kid has some taste.