M. went in for her 15 month check-up today. No real changes, but here are the numbers.

24 lbs, 6 oz. Still 75th percentile.
29 3/4 inches. Still 25th percentile.
Head circumference 49 centimeters, still 95th percentile. Of course, she’s in the 99th percentile with the hair.
A smooth, regular rate of growth on her little chart. Where’s that growth spurt at?
In the spirit of completely jinxing her for her booster shot in four weeks, she did wonderfully with her MMR and flu shots. Maybe 15 seconds of crying then she was perfectly happy again. I guess she did wake up in a horrid mood from her nap while I was at class, but if I didn’t have to hear it, I’m not convinced it happened. S. may beg to differ.

She dressed as a ladybug and did some light trick or treating tonight. She was much more excited about waiting on our front porch for trick or treaters to visit us. By the end of the night, after we had come inside, she was standing at the door, looking out the side windows, with a candybar in each hand ready to share with the bigger kids. I got a few pictures that look like they could be good. I’ll try to get them posted tomorrow.