M. has reached the point where she’s beginning to mimic all the things S. and I do. We better start watching our language! Over the weekend, we got dinner at a noodle place. While M. was working on her spirals and cheese, I was woofing down some spicy pasta. As I spun my fork to curl my pasta onto it, M. twirled her fork in circles too. When I stopped to eat, she stopped and watched. As soon as I started twirling again, so did she.

If she sees you standing or sitting with your arms crossed, she crosses her arms dramatically over-and-over until you notice she’s doing the same thing as you. Don’t you kind of wish that the simple act of crossing your arms made you that happy, and wasn’t just a technique for staying warm, engaging in conversation, or just to do something with your hands?

The funniest form of imitation, though, came tonight at the dinner table. She’s suddenly obsessed with having ice cubes in her drinks, which is weird because both S. and I rarely use ice cubes in our beverages. Tonight she kept asking for “Ice Ice” which naturally turned into S. and I saying “Ice ice baby.” For dessert, we were eating some leftover ice cream cake from a sister-in-law’s birthday dinner. As S. spooned her up a bite, M. said, “Ice ice baby!” Now I just have to get her to talk about the V.I.P. Crew and we’re in business.

Another new word of great significance: Meegum. That’s how she says her name, which she now does consistently. And when she says it, she nods her head very seriously, I guess so we understand it’s her name and therefore of great importance. We asked her what we should name her sister and she said, “Whaaaa,” which is what she says babies do.

One more funny thing she did tonight before I go to bed. She has a little table and chairs in her playroom that she likes to sit at and work with her puzzles or toy animals or use her crayons on. She and S. were already seated when I walked into the room. She looked at me and said, “Sit daddy.” OK then. Her second sentence. Later, she picked up the phone and told no one in particular a long story that involved mommy, daddy, apples, the apples being mmm mmm good, and going to bed. That’s funny because mommy and daddy were of course with her, she was eating apples, they were yummy, and as soon as she was done with her apples it was bedtime. I’m telling you, some of you are going to start getting calls and you need to be prepared.