I’m mixing topics dangerously tonight. Don’t tell my wife.

Fellas, it was the best day of the year today. That’s right, the first day of class after spring break. Tans o’plenty. The higher ratio of silicone and saline among the students in the 21st century as compared to the 20th century, when I was an undergrad, makes the day all the more interesting. Granted, that was only when I was out walking around. It’s worth noting that the grad students all seemed to be holed up in the library or something over the last week. We were all just as pasty as we were a week ago. Except for the one cute girl in class who’s actually getting her Master’s in another program and just taking a few journalism classes for content. She had a tan. She was the only one, though.

OK, enough of that. M. slept in her big girl bed for the first time last night. She showed a profound disinterest in the pack ‘n play up in Saginaw, so we ended up putting her in our bed until we went bed each night. That worked, so we figured why wait to get her off the binky first. Throw her in her bed and see what happens. It did take about 30 minutes longer than usual to get her to go down, and she woke up a couple times during the night, but we got a good 10+ hours out of her in our first try. No naps today, so that was troubleseom. But, she’s currently back in there for the second night, so it might work. If we can get her off the binky soon, toilet training won’t be that far away.