My first story has been published in the school paper. First time I’ve been published since May 1989, and I have to say it feels pretty good. Unfortunately, the on-line edition doesn’t seem to be updated with new stories, so I can’t link to it. If it ever gets posted, I’ll let you know how to read it. I got an A for my class grade, so I’m pleased with my performance. If any of you can’t wait, let me know and I can shoot a copy directly to you.

I’m struggling with my second story, between finding time to devote to it and getting the right angle. It’s already been delayed a week and will be pushed back another week because of my schedule this week. The good news is I’ve got two other very good ideas to start working on. Both involving politics, the current state of the world, and how students are involved. Should be some fun stuff to report on, and hopefully write about as well.