Pics uploading to Flicker as I type this up. M. was a pink octopus. She LOVED her costume. C. wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as M., but she was a fluffy chicken. M. went to six houses and got a pretty decent bag of candy. We immediately dumped almost all of it into our bowl for passing out to kids. She got to keep a lollipop and all the M&M’s she got. She struggled with the concept of trick or treat. She marched up to doors, opened her bag, but then started commenting on any pumpkins that might be in view, or any decorations she saw in the house that she admired. Some friends who have twins have a pic of the twins near the front door. Instead of “trick or treat,” M. pointed and said, “Two kids!” Of course, as soon as we left a house, she started saying “trick or treat” over and over while we walked to the next house.

Not sure if this will upload correctly, or play, but I wanted to share because it makes me laugh. My sister-in-law was taking pics for us, and accidentally switched our camera to the video mode for a second. Since she thought she was shooting pics, it’s turned 45 degrees from horizontal, but I think it captures what a two-year-old thinks about Halloween. In case it doesn’t play, M. says, “Oooh! I got treats!” as she examines what she brought home.

Edit: Typepad sucks. It won’t upload the file. Another argument against paying for a blogging service. Here’s a different method. Hope it works.