The 2006 tree went up last night. Looks pretty damn good if I say so myself. Pretty much like the last three trees we’ve had. Oh well, a sure sign the holidays are upon us.

We’ve been working with M. so that she understands what Christmas is really about. She surprised S. the other day with this conversation.

“Christmas is the baby Jesus’ birthday, M..”
“Oh! We get cupcakes and party hats and we sing?!?!”

In many ways, I think the girl has her priorities perfectly placed.

Wrapped up the school year without too much stress. My test Tuesday took about 15 minutes. Actually got to bed at midnight Tuesday, rather than the 3:00 AM of the previous night. Think everything went well, and I’m just awaiting word from my advisor to figure out what two classes to take in the spring to be done with the program.

Now, a month to chill with the family, clean the house, read some books, and watch some Christmas movies. Someone needs to have a party so I can really get into the spirit of the season.