Yes, I really am posting at 12:20-something AM. I’m not doing it to show off, the way I used to send e-mails late at night or early in the morning in my Corporate Hack days (To the day I left the Big C Corp, there were a few people in high places that I would run into occasionally who would point at me and say, “This guy works crazy hours!” And this was at a company where crazy hours were mandated. Boy, did I have those fools fooled!). And I’m not doing it to make up for my recent run of minimal postings. No, I do it because I’m up and there is news.
This is the rare night when I’m working on my bimonthly editing gig and an article for class at the same time. With about 1000 inches of snow on the ground (Or perhaps slightly less, but still the most snow we’ve received since I moved here) and two kids keeping me busy all day, it’s a late night oil night. So I’m sitting here, tapping away on the keyboard when I hear M. on her monitor. She is really cranked up good, which is unusual. I go running up and S. is leaving her room, not terribly pleased.
“She doesn’t want me, she wants her daddy. She said, ‘Daddy get my cubers.’”
Holy creature of habit! That’s what a little freak my oldest daughter is. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, tangled in her sheets and blankets, daddy must be the one to come get her straightened out. Thank goodness I’m not traveling anymore. I can’t imagine what would happen if I was off in Portland or Phoenix or LA.