Tonight was my last class. Ever? I sure as hell hope so. I always said I would never go back to grad school, because undergrad was enough of a chore. Yet I did return for my Master’s. However, I think it’s safe to say unless they invent a Ph. D. that doesn’t require some kind of quantitative research, the next step is not in my future.

My final article is due Friday, and I’m plugging away at that. Then I have a final meeting with one instructor next Wednesday. After that, unless I hear otherwise from the good folks down in B-town, I’m done.

As big as that is, something bigger happened tonight while I was at class. Mimi and Ampa, our babysitters of choice, report that C. took her first steps tonight. As a good journalist, I need to confirm this with my own eyes before I officially report that she is walking. But hopefully I’ll have the official big news tomorrow. And now that I’ve figured out how to edit our videos, I might even have some video proof for you all.