I tried to dig through the archives a bit today to find an old post about the kid who, one day at the Carter’s store, just came up to me and started talking and asking questions, every sentence prefaced with the word “Hey.” M. is in that mode now. It’s fun for about five minutes. Seriously, listen to a kid say “Hey…” every ten seconds for five minutes and see if the cuteness doesn’t wear off really, really quick.

“Hey, daddy, where’s that leaf from?”
“Hey, I want milk.”
“Hey, where’s C. at?”
“Hey, can I have peanut butter?”
“Hey, can I go play on my swingset?”

And on and on. S. has started responding, “My name isn’t Hey!” The point seems lost on M..

Still no walking from C.. We can get her to take a step or two occasionally, but she tends to laugh and lunge at whoever is on the receiving side. She, like her sister, has focused her first words on animals. She loves to say “Baaaaa,” and “Mooooo.” “Wheeeee!” is another favorite word. “Ooooooooo!” is popular as well.

Her current favorite game is Unplug the Power Cords. Not a fun one for mom and dad. She just laughs when you smack her hands and tell her “No!”

She’s a big fan of hugs, as well. She’ll be crawling around, see something she likes such as a parent or a doll, hustle over to it, and drop her head down sideways while putting her arms around the object and smiling. I like hugs, too, so it’s win-win.

We’re having work done all over the house now and somehow the girls are getting through it ok. Last week we had people in the house cutting through granite, and both girls slept right though it. Today, men were taking out the old tile backsplash in our kitchen, banging away, and C. slept for two hours.

Speaking of sleep, M. took no nap the past two days. Yesterday she was screaming, kicking the door, and other fun stuff like that. Hopefully it was just because it was so hot and we were reluctant to kick the air on. Today she seems to be sleeping ok. We’re not ready to give up the nap quite yet. And yes, C. is still waking up at night. One of the guy’s working in the house today said his four-week old slept through the night last night. I offered to trade kids.

We sent our first check in this morning for preschool in the fall. Four months to get that kid potty trained.